Hybrid Absorber

Polypropylene-based hybrid electromagnetic wave absorber HBA series is designed with state-of-the-art technology to meet customers' needs. When used with ferrite tile, the HBA series has a broadband operating frequency starting from 30 MHz and up to 40 GHz. HBA series is optimized to be used in the EMC chamber. The model of the HBA absorber used will depend on the test range of the chamber, such as 3m / 10m test method.
The HBA series is consisted of the following models:
► HBA-10
► HBA-20
► HBA-30
► HBA-50
► HBA-75
► HBA-100
► HBA-120

The features of the HBA series are as follows.
Due to its light weight and high rigidity, which is characteristic of polypropylene, it can be easily installed/uninstalled to wall or ceiling with screws. Polypropylene also has excellent heat resistance and flame retardant performance.
Plug & Pull:
The HBA (including the HC series) series uses a plug & pull system that inserts pyramidal horns (so called 'tips') into the bottom surface ('base') of the absorber.
This feature generates two advantages.
Easy installation - You do not need to install the entire absorber at once. You only need to install the 'base' first, and then you insert the 'tip' with your bare hands later. Unlike conventional absorbers with a fixed base and tip, the detachable HBA series is relatively light and quick to install. In addition, installation process does not require experts' technical guidance, so there is no additional professional costs.
Space-efficient Packaging - It allows packing the base and tip in different boxes for space-efficient packaging. Therefore, by shipping more absorbers in smaller spaces, shipping and packaging costs can be saved.
Carbon powder synthesis technology:
The HBA series absorber uses unique 'carbon powder synthesis technology' developed by HCA, so that the carbon powder density is uniformly distributed throughout the absorber. This state-of-the-art technology offers the following benefits:
High performance - The uniform distribution of carbon powder makes the test results more predictable and repeatable than the relatively irregular carbon injection method or carbon glued-on method.
Environment-friendly - The absorber is a closed-cell structure to prevent carbon scattering inside the absorber. In other words, because carbon is mixed in the absorber itself, the carbon does not leak out and the test site can be kept clean from carbon dust.
Foam expansion molding system:
The HBA absorber is manufactured precisely using a foam expansion molding system that makes the size and shape of each absorber the same. This is important not only for the high interior finishing quality of the chamber, but also for optimized performance.