Microwave Absorber

The HC absorber is a high performance polypropylene absorber that covers a wide frequency range. The appearance and characteristics are similar to those of the HBA series, but HC series is specifically designed for the best performance in microwave frequency. Therefore, the absorber is the preferred solution for Antenna Pattern Measurement (APM), Antenna Test Range (ATR), Radar Cross Section (RCS) and Electronic Warfare Test (EWT).

The HC series is consisted of the following models.

The characteristics of the HC series are similar to those of the HBA series, but the following features are comparatively different from the HBA series.

Universal use: Depending on the situation, the HC series can cover up to the low frequency band without ferrite tile. However, it must be taken into account that the size and height of the absorber must be large enough to cover the lower frequency band.
The HC series can also be installed on the floor for testing the sVSWR in EMC chambers.

HC series is optimized for implementing pseudo-free space in microwave frequency units.