Hybrid Ferrite Absorber

HFA absorber series is a ferrite-based electromagnetic wave absorber. While the HFA Series can be used on its own, the HFA Series maximizes performance when combined with ferrite tiles. The HFA series has operating frequencies from 30 MHz to 40 GHz. Thanks to its compact size, the HFA Series is suitable for maximizing chamber internal space.


The HFA series is consisted of the following models.



The features of the HFA series are as follows.


Material :

The main ingredient is ferrite. Therefore, the product is heat resistant and non-flammable. Since it has high durability against heat, and it shows high durability to high power or microwave. It also shows good impedance matching when used with ferrite tiles.


Space efficiency:

The maximum height of HFA 8 and HFA 20 is 80mm and 250mm respectively. Therefore, it is possible to utilize the space inside the chamber effectively. It can replace other absorbers by taking up less space and exhibit the same absorption performance.



Durability :

Because the HFA series is made of non-organic material, it is highly resistant to humidity and dust. Also, due to strong mechanical features, the absorber can be walked on. So once installed, it can be used semi-permanently.


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